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Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. They contain very important information about your rights and obligations. as well as warranty and liability limitations that may apply to the product you are purchasing.

Warranty Terms

  • Warranty is given on behalf of the manufacturer/distributor. Therefore we are not direct concern in this regard. If the product was sold in good working condition then we are not responsible for any defect which may appear later.
  • Power adapters, installed software, cables, printer cartridges. Toners and all the additional accessories and consumables provided with products/components do not carry any warranty.
  • Warranty will not be entertained in case of appearance of dot/spot on any type of display screen (LCD/LED, Laptop LCD/LED)
  • Computer hardware warranty does not include software support. Information in this regard may be obtained from the manufacturer’s website directly
  • The PC warranty terms will not be applied for separately sold PC components, troubleshooting may be charged.
  • The warranty means repair of the same or replacement with new or refurbish product. The repair or replacement is the sole discretion of manufacturer /distributor. The duration of returning of the product may range from 4 to 8 weeks. It may also vary subject to government import/export policy.
  • Warranty Centre will remain open through Mon to Fri 11:00am to 6.30 pm. Warranty shall be considered void in case it is understood/observed by the support staff that the product has been opened by the user during warranty period and no component shall be added or removed without prior approval of service staff.
  • Warranty Centre reserves the right to reject any warranty claim if the original invoice is missing. In addition, the warranty is not transferable in any case.
  • The manufacturer /distributor/re-seller reserves the right to reject any claim whereby the product is broken, serial number torn/tampered, rendered illegible, show signs of burning, rust due to weather conditions or mis-handling of the product.
  • The manufacturer /distributor/re-seller reserves the right to reject any claim whereby the product/component is submitted in improper condition. Product should be well packed in protective material supplied while selling.
  • The Warranty does not cover (among other things) periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of parts needed due to normal wear and tear, any kind of damages, repairing or attempting to repair from unauthorized persons, humidity from the weather and any kind of liquid and damage due to mishandling.
  • The warranty claim may be accepted on *Conditional* basis if the support centre is not satisfied that the defect is due to a manufacturing fault. Warranty claim in this case will depend solely on the discretion of the manufacturer /distributor. This conditional warranty may take more than normal specified time period. The conditional warranty is not guarantee of warranty acceptance.
  • The manufacturer /distributor/re-seller reserves the right to charge certain amount to upgrade the product in case of product/component is discontinued by manufacturer. The same will be done after approval of the customer. In case the customer is not willing to pay the up gradation cost then the cost of the component will be returned after deduction of depreciation cost, sole discretion of the re-seller.
  • The manufacturer/distributor reserves the right to alter the warranty terms/conditions without any prior notice.
  • International warranty depicts that the products should be registered with the manufacturer directly and the warranty claim will be handled by the customer himself. Instructions of the manufacturer should also be followed in this regard.
  • Some products have manufacturer/distributor warranty card, in case, "Warranty card given"is mentioned on the invoice then the customer should ensure that he receives the same along with the invoice. All "warranty card issued" warranty claims will be submitted by buyer himself. The instructions are given on the warranty card for further detail.
  • Checking warranty subject to product not burn, broken, damaged, or dead within specified period.
  • Limited warranty for 1st year w/o charge, rest of the period service charges will apply.